Trade Management Solutions

Quick Premium Quotations

Get rid of the email & messages for sharing quotations to your traders.
Create and send proximate quotations in seconds!

Quick Quotations

Reduce errors, increase efficiency and Faster TAT while sharing quotes to your trade partners.

Real-time rates can help you quickly respond to customer requests and increase sales.

Send and Receive quotations on our platform.

Create accurate quotations for your trade partners including freight rates, applicable charges, possible duties & more.

HS code Finder

Know exact HS codes of any cargo from multiple countries

Helping you to make informed decisions about global expansion and market entry.

Determine applicable tariffs and duties for the product.

Identify the specific product and its category for customs clearance.

Know more about HS codes

Duties & Taxes

Align with your legal and regulatory requirements

Freight Rates &

Get competitive freight rates in seconds from top carriers

Schedule a personalized 1:1

Step into the future of freight forwarding with Cogoport. Experience a demo tailored to revolutionize your logistics, offering:

  • Innovative Solutions: Peek into cutting-edge features redefining freight management.
  • Expert Guidance: Direct insights from our seasoned pros, tailored to your business needs.
  • Real Answers: Interactive session to address your unique challenges.
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