Financial Services

Export Factoring

Avail funding within 48 Hours
Get up to 90% of invoice value
Collateral free working capital for Exporters

Finance up to USD 1 Million worth Cargo Exports

Approved in < 3 days

Paperless application. Fill it yourself or request a callback.

Get 95% of invoice value, up to 90 days earlier

Get paid upfront on invoices factored. No liability on your balance sheet.

At as low as 0.89% per month

Interest deducted from the balance due, once your Buyer pays.

Trade Finance to Grow your Business

Expand your Working Capital

Grow Faster, Increase Turnover

Speed up inventory cycles, with faster cashflow.

Accept and fulfil more orders.

Smooth Document handovers, check.

Good for your Buyers

Offer Flexible Payments Terms

Let your buyers pay up to 90 days later than you need cash in the bank.

Better Cashflow for both, so you can do more business together.

Digital and Secure

Easy to Use

Dashboard and Notifications to track payments and cashflow.

Better than Bank Credit

No debt. Early cash in the bank is revenue, not a liability on your balance sheet.

Be more Competitive. Offer better payment terms to buyers than your competition.

Move Faster. Turbocharge your cashflow and inventory cycles, do more in less time.

Looking to Finance Logistics?

Finance your cost of Logistics.

Handling someone else’s cargo?

Impress your customers. Leave shipment execution to us.

Schedule a personalized 1:1

Step into the future of freight forwarding with Cogoport. Experience a demo tailored to revolutionize your logistics, offering:

  • Innovative Solutions: Peek into cutting-edge features redefining freight management.
  • Expert Guidance: Direct insights from our seasoned pros, tailored to your business needs.
  • Real Answers: Interactive session to address your unique challenges.
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