CogoFx Exchange Rate

Transacting in foreign currency is inevitable,
when dealing in cross border trade.

What is CogoFx?

CogoFx is the foreign currency exchange rate we charge our customers for the services taken from us.

How do we calculate CogoFx?

As a global trade platform we define the exchange rates we charge based ona combination of factors, including but not limited to:

Current market value of the currencies involved.

Changes in global trade policies or economic instability.

Cost of transporting goods which includes the variety of exchange ratescharged to us by different players like shipping lines, NVOCCs,Freight forwarders, Customs Clearance Agencies, Overseas agentsproviding services in other countries.

Charges applied by banks and other financial institutions.

Being market leaders in global trade, we try to negotiate favorable exchange rates with the players involved and offer a very competitive pricing to our customers.

Why do you need CogoFx?

Transparency, Visibility and Planning

CogoFx rates are published here every day at 9:00am IST.

Clear and consistent basis to accurately predict the cost of moving goods between different countries.

Use historic trends of CogoFx rates to make more informed decisions about your logistics operations.

Added Control and Flexibility

No surprises of unexpected exchange rates or currency adjustment charges applied directly in your invoices.

Get the flexibility of selecting your preferred exchange rate lock-inmilestone before checkout and plan your logistics cost even better.

28 May, 05:37 pm UTC
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