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Anti-Dumping Duty

When items are exported from one nation to another at a price below market value, this is referred to as "dumping." This is an unfair business practice that may have a negative impact on global trade. Anti-dumping laws are put in place to address the situation that results from the dumping of goods and its impact on commerce. The WTO permits anti-dumping measures as a tool for fair competition.

Anti-dumping is not a method of protecting the domestic industry per se; rather, it is a tool for maintaining fair trade. It protects the home industry from the harm brought on by dumping.

Who Can Make an Application for Anti-dumping Duty?

Applications for an investigation into alleged product dumping into India may be submitted to the Designated Authority in the Department of Commerce by or on behalf of the concerned local industry. Only those petitioners/domestic producers who expressly support the application and represent more than 25% of the total domestic output of that comparable article are eligible to submit a valid application.

If the domestic producers whose combined output accounts for more than 50% of the total production of the same article produced by that segment of the domestic industry express their support or opposition, as the case may be, to the application, it is assumed that they are acting on behalf of the domestic industry.

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