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18 February 2021 • 6 min read

Negotiate Best Rates for Cargo: Cogoport

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The “Start Special Rate Request” option is designed to help you negotiate and customise the best freight rates for your shipment

Save time, save money. We at Cogoport take this old catchphrase very seriously, as you might have figured out from our efforts to have all your online requests answered instantly or, at least, in the shortest possible time.

Our Discover Rates tool is a prime example of a time-saver. It gets you multiple freight rates and quotes from trusted freight forwarders within seconds, helping you make an informed decision about the best option for your shipment. Within this tool, we have included a special money-saving feature as well. The “Start Special Rate Request” option is designed to help you negotiate and customise the best freight rates for your shipment, preferably with the shipping line of your choice.

Just as you would negotiate for better rates and prices with a traditional freight forwarder or service provider, Cogoport’s Special Rate Request feature helps you do the same on an online platform.

What You Get with Special Rate Request

  1. Customised rates: Are the freight quotes you requested on Discover Rates too high? No problem. Click on Start Special Rate Request and punch in your requirements. These will be forwarded to 600 service providers and you will receive a personalised quote within six business hours. It’s that easy.
  2. Shipping line of your choice: If you like doing business with a particular shipping line and a general request on Discover Tools does not return a quote from them, you can use the Special Rate Request feature to get that as well.
  3. All the free days you want: You can also negotiate the number of free detention days you require. Detention is the per-day charge you pay for use of a container outside a port after the allotted free detention period.                      

Special Rate Request in 5 easy steps

Step 1:

Click on Discover Rates on the navigation bar to your left.


Step 2:

In the search field on your right, pick your shipping option and enter the origin port, destination port, container size/type/commodity/weight, container count and incoterm. Our intuitive drop-down lists make this process super easy. Now, hit search.


Step 3:

Explore instant freight rates and quotes from various shipping lines, along with transit times, stops if any, and free detention days. If you need something more specific to your business, such as extra destination free days, a specific shipping line, or a filed rate (a contracted rate applicable for a fixed period of time), then click on Start Special Rate Request on the bottom right of your page.


Step 4:

The Create Enquiry box pops up. Fill in the required fields, including your preferred freight rate, shipping line and free detention days at destination. Click on Submit Your Requirements and you’re set. 


Step 5:

You’llreceive a personalised quote within six business hours. 

Simple, isn’t it? Our Special Rate Request feature is not just about personalised quotes. It is about empowering importers and exporters and giving them greater control and say over how they ship their goods and what they pay for it. And, as we mentioned earlier, it’s about helping them save both time and money.

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